The Christian Academic Physicians and Scientists (CAPS) section of CMDA exists to

  • Encourage Christian academic physicians and scientists
  • Develop effective pathways of Christian ministry for academic physicians and scientists within their profession
  • Provide resources to manage the difficulties of their profession victoriously in a Christ-like manner
  • Offer guidance in making bioethical decisions in medicine and science based on Christian principles

Mission: Opportunities for Growth

  • Cultivate communities of Christians in academic medicine at the local, regional, national and international levels
  • Host interactive seminars and presentations by leading Christian academics
  • Provide on-line resources to equip Christian academics to deal with bioethical and philosophical challenges that arise in teaching, patient care and research, using Biblically-based principles
  • Promote intellectual and spiritual growth through discussions in a secure members-only on-line portal/forum
  • Nurture new Christian leaders in academia through intentional mentorship and sponsorship.

Outlook: What Success Looks Like

  • Formation of a network of Christian academic physicians and scientists who are actively engaged in scholarly work and who may serve as a Christian voice among policymakers and the larger community.
  • Formation of communities that are actively engaged in mentoring and sponsorship of Christian academic physicians and scientists.
  • Promotion of courageous conversations about the Christian academic mission within medicine and scientific enterprises.

Leadership Team

  • Kim-Lien Nguyen, MD

  • David L. Larson, MD, FACS

  • David L. Bolender, PhD

  • Kalon Ho, MD, MSc